Long term Christian: Climate vs Weather

Being a Christian is not particularly easy! In fact, it is really difficult, even Paul tells us that longsuffering is some trademark that we are believing in Jesus for everlasting life! (1 Timothy 1:16). There are points where we stumble in life and other times where we feel we are drowning in sin. However, we must remember that there have been good times, there have been rays of hope over time even when we feel we are in the darkness. In fact a lot of the time we feel more down because we remember Christ and feel bad. So don’t feel so “under the weather”! Don’t let that dictate to you what your walk with Christ is, but think about your climate…!

I thought I would bring this common misconception to the surface, even though it may be known by many, but it often causes a further confusion when thinking about Climate Change. So what is the difference between weather and climate? Well weather is the elements we see hourly or daily etc. such as wind, rain or a touch of sun! Whilst climate is how the weather changes over a long period of time, typically ~30 years according to the Met Office (https://youtu.be/bjwmrg__ZVw).

Image credit to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/7286596.stm

Watch the video! It is really insightful and will stop you panicking about Climate Change when you see snow in summer time in the UK! 😉 This should also be a wake up call to the fact that we are imperfect and our walk in Christ will fluctuate just like the weather but God cares about our climate.